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Interior design is about evoking emotional connections and celebrating the soul of your home.

It has the power to reveal who you are, where you have been, and who you want to be. It can feel calming and comforting, like being wrapped in a warm cashmere blanket. It can be energizing and whimsical, like walking into a room with a vast chandelier that feels more like a suspended sculpture than just lighting. Or it can be bold, enduring, and glamorous like the perfect shade of red lipstick.

Designing your dwelling for a feeling rather than a style breaks down any potential creative barriers to allow magic to bloom.  After a career in fashion, Sarah Storms now brings a trained eye, her open heart and tireless passion to the world of interior design by transforming historic residences into timeless family homes.  She specializes in creating layered, enduring interiors energized by emotion and color, pattern and play.  Channeling your home’s soul, we find design solutions that speak to your current reality while inspiring daily delight.


Sarah Storms is interior designer based in historic Maplewood, NJ.


During her studies in Fine Art & Interior Design at James Madison University, she lived abroad in Vienna, Austria where her love for design truly bloomed.  The influences of color, juxtaposition of historic vs. modern and the great artists & designers from the succession movement are foundational in her work.


Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and worked for lighting designer Alison Berger and learned the beautiful dance of conceptual design and functional art.  She then launched near 20-year career in the New York City fashion world and most notably fashion icon Ralph Lauren for 13 years.  Here she led her team in not only developing luxury apparel but also designing lush textiles & perfecting her trained color eye.


Sarah launched Styled by Storms in January of 2021.  Her unique background and editorial POV allows for her creative passion for interiors, textiles but most importantly color to shine through.  Rooted in traditional principles, the key elements of her work have strong color moments, playful animals and slight irreverence.  All this is carefully layered and curated to inspire and spark happiness.  .

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