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“Every room needs a red lipstick moment…

When you wear red lipstick, you feel sexy, bold, and powerful. It can elevate a t-shirt and jeans and add polish to a full sequined outfit.    


With a room, it is very much the same. 


It's not about an excess of glamour. It's about listening to what the space is calling for while also paying attention to how you want to feel in the room—distilling this information to create an element that stops you in your tracks and makes you want to take a seat.” 

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Interior design is about evoking emotional connections. 


It has the power to reveal who you are, where you have been, and who you want to be. It can feel calming and comforting, like being wrapped in a warm cashmere blanket. It can be energizing and whimsical, like walking into a room with a vast chandelier that feels more like a suspended sculpture than just lighting. Or it can be elegant and glamorous like a Donegal tweed mixed with caramel leathers and chrome.   


These are the experiences I create for my clients.  


By working together and gently pushing them a little bit out of their comfort zone, we create a home that feels like a livable work of art. 



Founder, Styled by Storms




Let's work together!

Creating the perfect space that expresses your personality and values can be fun, but also overwhelming. If you’ve been considering working with an interior designer to help bring it all together, explore the options below or get in touch for a custom proposal.



“Sarah has helped me from the beginning stages of our new house. 
Since our consultation, she understood our style and vision. Her mood boards were gorgeous and exactly what style we were looking for.

We have been so happy with all of the furnishings from lighting fixtures, rugs to furniture.  Sarah’s has the ability to tie everything together to create the perfect living space.​"



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