Tired of the Stuff - Week 4

Wow...it's ORC week 4 ! A lot of progress has been made, but also, this week feels like not much has changed. The boys keep asking when the playroom will be done. They are over the mess & chaos (maybe a small win for the future since I love a picked up house?).

Current State of the House

In the playroom, the frame work for the built-ins is complete but the doors and drawers aren't ready yet from the shop since the molding detail is on back order. I am hopeful they can be installed by next weekend. Also, new shoe molding has been installed, primed & painted.

The living room is a huge disaster of toys, games, boxes and the rest of the ORC items. My older son said this morning he can't wait for the living room to be cleaned up so we can go back to relaxing. Safe to say we are all ready for the built-ins to be completed.

Wallpaper Wednesday...

In my haste of last week, I mentioned the wallpaper was being hung Wednesday the 20th. Well, I was wrong. Ha! Wallpaper Wednesday is actually Wallpaper Friday. I'm really excited for the dramatic change tomorrow & all the fabulous snakes.

DIY Projects

Now that I am back from market, which was amazing, it's time to get going on my projects.

- Radiator: Add new gold grills. Bling Bling

- Frame Gucci Tiger Art in vintage frame

See you next week with (hopefully) lots of updates from Week 5. -

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