The Big Reveal! - Week 8

It's Reveal Day!!

I can't think of a more perfect day to share the completed Moody Gentleman's Lounge. It happens to be my Gram's birthday. Without realizing it, there is so much that reminds me of her in this space. Both of her club chairs have found a home & new life as reading nooks or coffee spots. The dark jewel toned green is almost exactly the trim color from her English Estate style home. Most of all, she would have loved the sassy tiger.

This project allowed me to design a space beginning to end without having to sacrifice any parts of my vision. I think this is why I am so happy with the outcome and so excited to share it with all of you. Ok without further ado....


Just in case you needed a reminder.


It's a showstopper!!!

It was a bit tricky trying to capture the full room. Since it was a rush to complete today, I didn't have an opportunity to have professional photos taken (hopefully this week!).

Pattern Play

Oh layers of pattern and color, you really are my favorite.

Wallpaper: Schumacher Giove in Emerald & Sapphire

Chair Upholstery: Schumacher Vanderbilt Velvet, Marine; The Design Store @ Terminal Mills

Paint (Trim, Built-Ins, Radiator): Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green

Rug: Vintage 1950's Persian; sourced by The Hobbit Door House

Originally, in thinking about this concept, I wanted to use rich jewel tones that typically were used in traditional designs but applied in a whimsical way. Think Ralph Lauren, cashmere sweaters & David Bowie. Can you see it? It's bold...but why not?!

Kid Friendly Design

Aesthetics aside, adaptability & versatility were the most important function for the playroom. The boys needed the freedom to imagine, build & play.

Toy & Game Storage: The massive built-ins are the star of the show. All the "stuff" is tucked away behind the doors and in the drawers, and I get to look at the beautiful Leather Wrapped Brass Pulls and Solid Brass Bin Pulls.

Table and Chairs: The boys desperately needed a place for creative play (Legos, puzzles, games, etc.). Adaptability was important here. The table needed to move easily so it could be pushed up to the wall when it was time for serious fort building.

I purchased an IKEA table which was then painted in Benjamin Moore Bordeaux Red (a color selected from the tiger's jacket). I ordered brass casters from House of Antique Hardware and installed them.

The chairs were similar. I wanted an acrylic ghost chair that "disappeared" in the design but were comfortable, durable and most importantly stackable. Bonus points for wipe-ability.

Art & Decor

I absolutely love all the art and decor in this room. They are all so different yet cohesive. The pieces evoke pure joy which exactly how a creative space should feel.

The Gucci Inspired Tiger was purchased on Etsy from SKMOD & framed in a vintage frame. Framing done by Dayana at Mona Lisa Framing. She is so sweet and amazing to work with.

The vintage ships were purchased from a vintage dealer in Oklahoma through Facebook Marketplace.

The abstract prints were selected by my youngest twin by artist Sarah Klein.

Additional accessories were already mine but found a home in here.

Vases: Jonathan Adler

Hour Glass: Baker Street Market Table

Decorative Boxes: Jonathan Adler

Pretty Corners

The previous playroom lacked many things, and a place for an adult to sit was a major one.

I love how this cozy corner by the window came together.

Faye Wall Sconces from Mitzi were added for additional layered light but also a little drama.

Custom throw pillows from Annabel Bleu allowed me to use Giove one more time. If you don't know this Home & Decor company, it's definitely worth the look. They were so sweet and professional to work with.'s a wrap!

Thank you so much to ORC for putting on an amazing design event.

Thank you to Better Homes & Gardens for your media partnership.

A huge thank you to my dad who drove up from Philadelphia today to help my hang the wall sconces and art.

To everyone that cheered me on, thank you! Looking forward to my next 8 week challenge in Spring 2022.

Don't forget to check out the other reveals on ORC!

Hope to see you at Styled by Storms on Instagram or Facebook.

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