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ORC Week 2: Good-bye to Texture & Hello to Light

Week 2 of the ORC has been a busy one. Have you checked out any of the other projects underway? There are some good ones!

The week started out with a glamorous planning session with my AMAZING work room. She is a true talent & gem of a human. We planned 3 important parts for this design: the roman shade, bench cushions and pillows.

The GIGANTIC roman shade & pillows will be made in the iconic Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon. As if that wasn't glamorous enough, it will be in BLUSH!!! Major Impact!

Bench cushions will be made for both the window seat at the top of the first floor stairs and for the the entry hall bench. The cushions will made from another iconic and extremely glamorous fabric - Scalamandre Antelope. Originally the pattern was designed in 1970 by Stark for rugs. Scalamandre re-imagined as a textile and it's insanely gorgeous, durable & soft. The entry hall bench itself was a huge score from FB Marketplace. It has feminine curves, bamboo detailing and an open back. Because of the curves, a template needed to be made to ensure the cushions hugged the edges.

In the less glamorous part of our project, the painters have been skim coating the plaster walls with joint compound to smooth out the texture in our foyer, second & third floor staircases and hallways. If you followed along in my previous ORC from Fall 21, I did a similar thing to our playroom walls and ceiling. Luckily the walls this time around don't have the "cake frosting" texture but instead have "bottle rolled" texture which was popular in the early 1920's. We are almost rid of all the awful texture in the house.

Prep Work

Isn't it amazing how much brighter the hall is with one skim coat even at night (below images). The grey paint and texture were killing any natural light that came from the window above on the top landing or from the front door.

The electrician also came this week to add in (3) 4" recessed lights and an additional electrical box for a matching sconce (seen in the foreground). Its never made sense why there was only one scone at the end of the hall to me. Now, this previously dark foyer will not only have layers of light but will be symmetrical on either side of the dining room door. This make my little heart happy to now have a balanced wall.

The skim coats are very time consuming. It is an all day job which is very messy & smelly. It takes a long time to dry, sometimes 24-48 hours depending on the humidity. Once the skim coats are very dry, the walls are sanded (another messy job that leads EXTREME dust). I wish I had taken a picture of the layers on dust. They were easily an inch thick.

On the docket for next week is carpentry! Yeah!

Carpentry List -

  • Remove Picture Molding on 2nd & 3rd Floor. I really really strongly dislike this molding. I understand the architectural significance, however, it is not level and just looks like cheap crown molding.

  • Add Crown Molding to the 2nd & 3rd Floor to Match the 1st Floor Original.

  • Add Corner Squares on 2nd Floor to help with leveling the crown molding (100+ year old homes are never plumb and square).

  • Repair & Replace all the Stair Molding. Wall to wall carpeting was ripped out of my home by the previous owners for resale. When this carpet was originally installed, all the molding at the lip of the treads and on the sides of the treads were removed. This lack of support was causing structural support issues to the stair treads causing them to break or be very squeaky. We are hoping by adding back all this tread support, the stairs will be secure and squeak a lot less.

  • Add Panel Molding to foyer walls. Honestly I have been dying to add panel molding in this foyer since we moved in. It wasn't possible with the textured walls. So, now that they are smooth, my glam panel molding can be added.

  • Paint all the walls in BM Cloud White & all the trim and ceiling in BM White. Cloud White is my absolute favorite no fail warm neutral. It reads warm without being yellow which I sometimes find with Simply White.

Stop over and say hello on IG: @styledbystorms or check out our new website (which is stunning!!) www.styledbystorms.com . Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Thank you so much to all the sponsors, Apartment Therapy & ORC for this awesome design event and creative community builder.

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