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ORC Week 1: The Plan to Glam

Have you heard? It is Week 1 of the Spring 2022 ORC! I am full of excitement to get started and inspiration after spending the past week in High Point at Market. Say good-bye to grey. Say good-bye to textured walls. Say hello to gold, bold & glam.

For my second challenge, I am tackling our foyer/entryway and 2 staircases. It is the first impression and the space that moves you through the 3 stories of this historic home. Currently, she just isn't as grand as she could be.

These images are from the MLS when we purchased the house.

Here are a few more from after we moved in. As you can see we didn't do much except add some art & a carpet runner. The biggest functionality problem was there was never enough light. The drab, textured grey walls that literally ate up all the natural light.

The plan to glam is in full swing.

Here's what we are tackling this challenge:

  • Smooth all textured walls floors 1 - 3.

  • Brightened up the new smoothed walls with paint & architectural interest (read between the lines: wall paneling! Oh soooo chic!)

  • Remove original picture molding on floors 2 & 3. Replace with new crown molding.

  • Paint everything.....literally everything - walls, trims, doors, staircase, railings, ceilings, cabinets & window seat.

  • Soft Dressing - window treatments, cushions for window seat & entry bench, pillows

  • Add more lighting!!!!

  • Clean & Preserve original hardware

  • Create gallery wall from floors 2 to 3

  • New accessories for decor

  • New mirror for over console

Stop over and say hello in IG: @styledbystorms or check out our new website (which is stunning!!) www.styledbystorms.com . Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Thank you so much to all the sponsors, Apartment Therapy & ORC for this awesome design event and creative community builder. Cheers to 10 years!

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