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Isn't she pretty?

Week 3 of the ORC was a big one! All the carpentry is complete and all the painting is done. We even have lights! But first, let's look at some progress shots from this week. It makes the end result that much better!

Banisters were primed.

We used a blocking primer to cover the existing stain.

Here is a close-up of the first floor stairs. After the priming, the crew moved to carpentry. Since the first two stairs are curved, the molding used is actually flexible to tightly hug the curves but when painted, looks like wood!!

Anyone else out there with a historic house? Well...NOTHING is level or square. When the new crown was being installed, we ran into some tricky gaps due to the wavy walls and ceiling. To hide this, a decorative corner piece was added to build up the corner and give the crown something square to level against. Once caulked and painted, you can't see any of the fudging we had to do behind the seams.

And now for gorgeous glossy oil paint....

Oh Isn't she lovely!!! Isn't she beautiful!

Since all this painting was happening, we decided to take attempt to save of all the original brass hardware and crystal knobs. Since they were being removed anyway, it was the right time. After some research, I decided to try white vinegar & steel wool. I have a crock pot that was originally purchased a few years ago for this very project at our previous home (but we never got around to it).

Original Hardware to be cleaned.

Fill your crock pot with the hardware and pour in white vinegar just to cover. Cook on HIGH for about 30 minutes. The metal and glass does get hot so be sure to use tongs to take them out of the crock pot.

Remove one piece at a time & start to rub the gunk off with Extra Fine 0000 Steel Wool. Prepare to be amazed.

It is shocking how well they cleaned up. Not only did I save myself thousands of dollars, I protected the soul of my home with preserving her original glam. And bonus, my husband became obsessed and jumped in to help!

This was the real find. This solid brass hexagon knob was hidden on the INSIDE of a closet door. She is now being relocated to my dining room door so everyone can enjoy her. Also, peep my killer jersey devil printfresh pajamas. If you are going to clean hardware on a Saturday, you might as well do it in comfort and style. This is not an ad as I am personally obsessed with these pajamas. But if you ever want a brand ambassador printfresh, I am your girl!

Ok, signing off for tonight as I just squeaked in this post!

Stop over and say hello on IG: @styledbystorms or check out our new website (which is stunning!!) www.styledbystorms.com . Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Thank you so much to all the sponsors, Apartment Therapy & ORC for this awesome design event and creative community builder.

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