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Happy Summer!

Welcome to Styled, the newsletter and blog from Sarah Storms Interiors, where I will share everything that inspires and informs my design decisions. To kick this month, I am talking about the Fourth of July and how to create fireworks in your home.

The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. As a girl who grew up in the Philly suburbs and has spent most of my adult life in the NY Metropolitan area, it marks the beginning of summer, a time to gather with friends, head down the shore and, of course, fireworks.

Everything I do in summer feels lighter. I get giddy just thinking about switching my closet from NYC black to my summer brights. Say hello to all the Lilly Pulitzer and my signature shell earrings.

As a social butterfly and self-proclaimed extrovert, I am here to admit that color makes me happy. Think bold, clear colors like emerald, indigo, and magenta. The ones who seem to whisper, "Well, hello gorgeous," as I walk into a room. But “happy” may not even be a strong enough word. Color evokes a visceral reaction of pure joy within me which is a creative experience I find as essential to a balanced life as eating or breathing.

There is something magical that happens when you mix one or even two of these colors on a neutral background of white, navy or black. It’s as of it comes to life creating a bold pattern… almost like livable art.

I gravitate towards patterns that have a sense of humor, don't take themselves too seriously, and incorporate whimsical foliage with painterly elements of the wild - like monkeys, tigers and birds (oh my!). I start every room looking for my muse through color and pattern.

And yet I find that so many people are sadly afraid of color.

I’m not sure if the fear of color stems from indecision or if the thought of “color” in your home is perceived as strong, permanent & primary. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Color can feel safe and comforting, like the serenity I get from a day spent at the beach looking at the water and feeling the sand between my toes. A palette of creams & beige with layers of texture – think nubbly knits, super soft linens, melange yarns and cognac leathers. It’s like breathing in the ocean air.

You can think of these approaches of color as Brunnello Cucinelli vs. Emilio Pucci. Both are iconic. Both are bold. They are two sides of the same coin, and the feelings they evoke are very different.

The pathway to creating fireworks in your home is determining which type of BOLD evokes joy in you.

If you relate to mostly #1, you are BOLD BEIGE.

If you relate to mostly #2, you are BOLD COLOR.

Let’s Set Sail into a Summer of Color!

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