Finally...The Snakes have arrived! - Week 5

Week 5 of the ORC is upon us! It's hard to believe we only have a few weeks left until the big reveal. To be honest, I'm so ready for this playroom to be completed. My "tidy" self is dying a slow, painful death due to the toys in every room. My painter has assured me he would be complete on Saturday. Hooray! Maybe all the toys can be put away this weekend.

Alright, let's look back at the progress of last week. It was a BIG week....the snakes finally went up. OMG! They are truly breathtaking. Seriously, the pictures don't do it justice. My neighbors have texted me photos from the sidewalk asking what was happening since they also love the snakes! Safe to say Giove is a winner.

The doors leading into the playroom are now the most gorgeous, glossy Black. We tried a few different products to get even coverage & high shine but nothing was really working. In the end, we opted to use oil based paint. There is a definite odor & extended drying time (no touching for 2 days!) but the results are worth the stink.

Disclaimer: All the windows in the house are open with fans going to help with the fumes.

And since I am late on publishing this post...I took advantage of the mail delivery yesterday. My wall plates arrived! Unlacquered brass in all her glory. Ignore the finger prints. I was too excited to snap a picture. Ha!

Oh side note, look at the close-up details of the snakes! Eek! I told they were amazing.

See you next week or before on Styled by Storms Instagram | Facebook. More reveals coming as we inch closer to the finish line!

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