Facing Challenges and Learning to Pivot

Week 2

It's hard to believe we are already in Week 2 of @oneroomchallenge!

I learned this week my beloved Serpentine wallpaper, you know the one that inspired the entire design, was more delayed that originally anticipated. I knew ordering it that the timing was going to be tight but I thought I could squeak it in. Sadly, this was not the case. The new delivery date was after the ORC reveal. Decision time - do I wait or do I pivot? (I hope you are all imaging Ross yelling PIVOT! PIVOT!) Queue the new snake slithering into the design & onto the walls in the form of Giove.

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my OBSESSION with Schumacher. They are an iconic design house specializing in insanely gorgeous, high quality textiles & wall coverings. The patterns, color combinations and collaborations with artists are inspiring. And since I was already using the fabric as throw pillows, why not repeat it on ALL THE WALLS!! Lucky for me, it was in stock, and arrived on my doorstep in 3 days. Installation is starting October 20th. Crisis averted!

The playroom is vastly improved & we are only at the foundation stage. I kid you not, but the painters went through a grand total of 9 very large buckets of plaster. Those "cake frosting" ceiling & textured walls are a thing of the past & we now have the most lovely surfaces in all the land.

We actually started the "de-texturization" a week before the challenge kicked off to ensure we had enough time for this step. Since the texture was so thick, the ceiling alone needed to be scraped before they could even begin the four coats plaster application. We were working against some sticky, humid days in NJ & you can't move onto the next step of sanding (between layers) until the plaster is completely dry. I am very grateful my painters are skilled in this since the project took 2 full weeks of work between prep, plaster, prime & paint.

Gorgeous smooth ceilings & walls!

Walls were primed for wallpaper.

Trim: Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green

Doors: Benjamin Moore Black

Ceiling: Sherman Williams Crushed Ice

Kicking off tomorrow are the custom built-ins along the back wall. Their design will mimic the height and placement of the original built-ins in the adjacent living room. Quite honestly, there should have been built-ins in this room to begin with as the window placement is already symmetrical to living room. Why not add them in? The design will have 8 cabinets & 8 drawers - plenty of storage for toys, art supplies, science kits, puzzles & board games. And of course the cabinets will have some gorgeous "jewelry". Aren't these pulls classically chic?

Wrapped Cognac Leather Handles & Vernon Bin Pull - Unlacquered Brass

I can already see it taking shape in my head & it's really exciting.

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