Dreaming your design into reality

We were fortunate enough to move into our new home in November 2019 before the world changed four months later and we all went into lockdown. Our initial reaction to this stately 100+ year old Dutch-Colonial was while she needed some love, she has great bones and that this is the home where we are meant to raise our boys.

In our previous home, we were so focused on raising babies, renovating the kitchen & general survival, our master bedroom never really reached its full potential. I was determined not to make the same mistake again. I knew we would have our work cut out for us, so having a restful retreat was going to be important for both mine and my husbands sanity.


The elements we loved about this space:

- the architectural details & moments created by the roof lines

- the cove ceilings

- the original coal fireplace & gorgeous iron work

- the original white oak hardwood floor

I really wanted to highlight all the elements we loved but make better use of the space. The dreaming began...

I really wanted a beautiful show stopper chandelier in the master. This one exceeded my expectations - clean and modern but also a nod to Art Deco styling.

Pattern play is a big part of my personal style. Finding a key element that carries through a design, in this case shades of blue grey, helps to ground the design so layers can be added.

Dwell Studio Vintage Plumes is one of my all time favorite prints. I was so excited to find bedding since Dwell Studio is no more.

The room itself was physically transformed as well. The ceiling was scraped and refinished to be smooth. Bye-bye cake frosting ceiling. Painting began and wow, it is truly amazing the difference it makes.


The most fun part of design is that it is ever-changing and ever-evolving.

These are the final touches to be added to the master:

- Peacock Mirror above the bed

- Storms Cloud painting above my husband dresser

You should love the home as it truly changes your life. Good taste is always in style.

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