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Discovering your Inner Icon

What if discovering your design style was as easy as looking in your closet?

For me, concept design begins with the same mindset as getting dressed. I look for the foundational items that will drive the look. While “foundational” may sound basic (jeans and a t-shirt), for me, foundational items are actually the showstopper moments the design & experience are built around.

My favorite foundational wardrobe pieces are wide leg orange linen pants (timeless with a pop), milano knit cabana stripe pants from Milan (bold & graphic) & floral maxi dresses with party skirts (because who doesn’t love a party skirt). They make me feel chic & bold. It is this emotional connection that sets the direction and leads the way for the final look.

Let’s take this same approach but with interior design. What is the emotion we are looking to create? Chic & Stylish? Relaxed & Approachable? These are the foundational emotions we need to discover in order to start creating a home that is iconically you.

Ok, let’s play game.

1. Go to your closet and pull out your most favorite 5-7 pieces of clothes.

Why do you love them?

Are there similarities between them?

Do they have memories attached to them?

(ex. Where you purchased them or Where you wore them?)

Are they are bold color that you feel brave enough to wear in small doses?

2. Let’s find the similarities. Is there a common thread?

Prints & Patterns -

Are we starting with amazing wallpaper full of conversation starters?

Is it layers of toile?

Is it full of monkeys?

Is it line art on grasscloth?

Bold Color -

Is your favorite color red but you don’t know how to use it other than a red lip with all your outfits?

Could this be glossy red interior doors?

Or strategic color pops in a neutral space?

Navy Blazer

This quintessential, classic, elegant staple - the perfect outfit completer.

Is the push you need to paint your living room or bedroom walls Navy Blue with crisp white pops?

I find people tend to take more risks with their outfits than with their homes. Why is that? Is it because it feels like less of a commitment? But, don’t you want to live and exist in a space that make you feel happy & content?

The promise I make to my clients is to listen to the ideas that inspire them but also help push them out of their comfort zone (even slightly) to get to the final vision beyond expectations.

Fashion and Interiors are always informing each other.

Unlock your style and live in a home that is iconically you.

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