Built-Ins Baby

Week 3

Week 3! Wow...time is really flying by. The focus for the week was our new built-ins that span the entire back wall of the playroom. 15 feet of storage...everyone's dream or at least mine!

I decided to hire a carpenter to custom build these for our home for a few reasons. Firstly, there are absolutely zero in stock IKEA storage pieces in New Jersey. With the demand high and the supply chain a mess, nothing is in stock long enough to formulate a plan. I love seeing the amazing IKEA hacks on Pinterest and was hoping to try these myself but with no stock, there is no project. Secondly, while this room is designed with the intention of a creative play space for my boys, the sophisticated choices will allow this room to evolve into a teenager "hang space/game area" or even a home office. And lastly, who am I kidding...I am not a carpenter. I do think I could build these but it would take forever and wouldn't be nearly as perfect. So, I am trusting the expert & outsourcing.

The carpenters started on Saturday morning. While it took all day to build the frame, they really knocked it out so much faster than I ever could. They carefully removed the original 100+ year old 9" baseboards and were able to salvage them for future if needed. The biggest issue encountered was not the uneven floors (100 year home..nothing is plumb, square or flush). Instead, it was actually the air conditioning duct. We installed a high velocity system last year which is quite honestly life changing but the vent fell underneath the base of the shelving. We, my husband & I, were able to partner with the carpenters to pull out the duct, re-route it, and close up the hole. We will reinstall the duct & vent once our 4" round saw is delivered. Hooray! This was a fairly painless fix to a potentially costly issue.

Constructing the frames.

Frames installed with trim.

Tuesday & Wednesday was spent sanding, filling nail holes, priming & painting the first coat. Toe molding was also installed throughout the whole room. The finishing is really taking shape.

The doors are drawers are currently be built at the shop. Fingers crossed, they will be installed this weekend while I am away at HPMKT for fall market.

My excitement of the day is the door pulls and drawer pulls were delivered! And man...they are so gorgeous. Insert heart eyed emoji.

The rest of the ordered items are trickling in. All in all, I am in pretty good shape! Next week, the wallpaper is getting installed & fingers crossed the built-ins will be finished. I have a few DIY projects coming up which I can hopefully knock out as well.

See you next week or sooner at Styled by Storms.

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