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Grand Bohemian - Living Room 

An extraordinary space for an extraordinary client! For this project, we channeled the grand glamour of the Bohemian era into a rich, textural color palette of cream, clay, ochre, and brass. From the textiles of the pillows, to the throws, upholstery, and art, our goal was to create a space that was inherently moody and cozy, encouraging people to linger and lounge throughout the day or evening. 
To balance the drama created by a showstopping antique baby grand piano—a family heirloom from the client’s grandmother—we chose Benjamin Moore’s Navy Masterpiece to unify the hearth and library shelves, wrapping the room in a ribbon of understated allure. The green undertones of the paint help to cancel out the warm, reddish cast from the piano’s wood and offer a backdrop to display the client’s own pottery and ceramics throughout the room. 

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